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tv   12 News at 5pm  NBC  October 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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into that. >> reporter: and they are not alone. there are currently 1 80,000 arizonians enrolled in the market place. in the news room, 12 news. team 12 brahm resnik continues our team coverage with exactly why arizona's premiums are skyrocketing. >> reporter: the why this is happening tricky. some say it is a natural shake- up, others say it is a fund amount lmental flaw affordable care about that will have to be fixed. as bad as it looks, most people with insurance with oh billiona care won't be paying a lot more. arizona has its own obama care motto, the highest premiums, the fewest choices. next year 14 of arizona's 15 counties, including its largest, maricopa, will have just one obama care insurer. filma county will have two. >> that is really a function of the market place trying to sort itself out. >> reporter: the sticker price of premiums is skyrocketing.
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farce 40-year-old non-smoker earning $30,000 a year will cost $507 a month. one of the three most expensive premiums in the country after jumping 145%, the winnest increase in the country. it is a scary picture, but the numbers don't tell the entire story. >> you do have a market place that is essentially being backstopped by the federal government in spite of the premium increases. >> reporter: seven of 10 people sured, depending on income past most if not all of their premiums. and three out of 10 will get socked. >> they don't understand what they're going to do and where they ear going to go. >> reporter: the soaring premiums affect all health insurance plans leaving few affordable choices. >> limited, limited plans in the off market. >> the three-month enrollment period starts november 1. pay close attention to the plan
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will likely change. now, you can get help with obama care decisions with cover az. org or through insurance brokers. live in the news room, brahm resnik, 12 news. >> thank you. only on 12 news, a valley man is outraged after his water bill skyrocketed hundreds of dollars. and this is the second time it has happened. with more than $1,000 the other time. he says there are no leaks and there is no way he is using that much water. so why is his bill so high? we went out >> i was just like -- this can't be right. it has to be an error. >> reporter: in the span of one month, his utility bill went from $129 to over $400. the culprit? skyrocketing water usage. one statement claims as much as 28, 000 gallons was used in one cycle for a home he shares with his girlfriend and his son. >> so that's why i went down there and they're like, no, if it went through your meter, then you're paying for it.
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jeff says he has been trying to work with the city of buckeye to figure out why his bill is so high. >> tomlin thing they can say is somebody is stealing your water or you have a water leak. it is not possible. we had the plumbers come out. >> reporter: he has done everything, shut off his irrigation. shut off his pool's auto refill. he also has been checking his water meter, but he can't find anything wrong. the bill for october? $457. >> well, i'm just hoping that we get some answers. i mean -- >> reporter: so we're helping we went with him to buckeye city hall to ask for a face-to- face meeting and get this resolved. >> we went in. we waited patiently. got our number and it was actually fast today. and question got up to the counter and actually explained to them what is going on, asked if we could talk to the director, and they said they would have to get back to us. they waited about 10 minutes in there messing around trying to figure out who to get a hold of and they had a guy come out and
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director and asked if we could outside. >> and he came out and decided to meet with jeff without our cameras. >> reporter: here is how that meeting went. >> at this point it december look like i still have to pay the $450 or whatever it is. he was going to get back to me at the end of the week and he would call me personally after they figure out something. he wants to send a crew out to look at my house and he just keeps talking about the landscaping and everything else which all of that has been off for the la they may try to do something on my account just because channel 12 is involved, but i feel sorry for the rest of the citizens here in buckeye because who know what is is going to happen. >> reporter: and back out here live at jeff's house, the city says his water meter is brand- new and functioning properly. now, since covering this story we have heard from a lot of you. so if you have a similar story, please send us an e-mail. we want to help you tell your
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news. thanks a lot, charlie. now to hot headlines developing at 5:00. we begin with the former -- formal criminal contempt charges being filed against sheriff joe arpaio. he admitted he ignored an order to stop immigration laws. the police need your help in finding a suspect from a deadly overnight stabbing. they believe there was a fight at 63rd avenue and kearns may be riding a red bicycle. if you have seen him, you're asked to call the police. and the maricopa county board of supervisors has decided to extend the deadline through january for private investor whose just might be interested in purchasing chase filed. and now to decision 2016, and the race for the white house. with 13 more days until election day, both republican donald trump and the democrat hillary clinton are hitting the campaign trail in the
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and i think it all started -- i think this all started when george washington refused to become a king, right? now, donald trump probably would have called him a loser. instead that was one of the most important decisions any president has ever made. >> clinton there you see speaking to a crowd earlier today in coconut creek. she mentioned -- made no mention of rising affordable care about premiums. donald trump did mention them at his campaign event in central florida. >> one in five americans trapped in obama care will only have a single up sure tore negotiate with in your state. congratulations. lots of fun. the republican nominee predicted more hikes are coming saying clinton will double down on obama care and cost
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thursday. the event scheduled for 1:30 in the afternoon. the doors are expected to open at about 1:00. we have information on how to get tickets on our web site, and we're just getting started on 12 news at 5:00. up next, why this little devil could hold the secret to killing drug resistant super bugs. a piece of priceless muhammad ali artwork snatched right from the wall of a special exhibit honoring the greatest. >> you start eating right now to help you have better-looking skin. and it is time for the social sound-off question of the day. what is the most popular comic book hero costume in the valley? we'll reveal the answer at 6:15 on 12 news at 6:00. tonight, only on 12 news at 10:00, the former suns' star dan marly talking tabata future of his old team, and being a coach. >> and i get pumped up and i
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news at 10:00. why it is a must win state for trump. and the secretary of dover, and why online shopping is putting our credit cards of fraud. that is when we see you
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this week, cock roaches, dripping blood and spoiled food. are you eating at your own risk? >> the deadly secret in the suburbs no one wants to talk about. >> that is all this week only on 12 news at 10:00. it is treats for troops time. this year 12 news has partnered with hungry howie's to say thank you to our men and women in uniform. just bring your donations to any hungry howie's location from november 1 to the 4th. the treat also go to support the uso arizona program as th throughout the state. go to for more information. it is turn back the clock tuesday here on 12 news. >> so here are five foods that you can start eating right now to give you better skin. first, try squeezing limes into your weather or using more to cook with and you'll end up with a more even complexion. tomatoes contain one that could help skin-related aging and skin cancers.
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omega 3s which can also help the avoid depositing skin cancers. >> do you like oyster ? >> i do'. >> i'm sure there are other ways. and eating a diet rich in fresh spinach will booth your zinc level which is can improve acne. it fights against exma. >> and i do like spinach, by the way. [ and finally, queen what is packed with antioxidants and that means less inflammation throughout the body. most of those food cans also help to main abe a healthy we of water is also a good thing. >> definitely. if you put enough butter on oysters, they're delicious. >> and they go right down. >> and tanzanian devils may have an attitude problem, but the milk from female devils may just hold the key to fighting drug resistant back tear yeah a study published this month found that the tanzanian devil milk come tapes the compounds
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and the tanzanian devil milk has six, and the scientists hope their research will lead to new, innovative ways to fight against the drug resistant super bugs. and the boxing great muhammad ali died here in the valley back in june after a long battle with park season's disease. >> and now art work showing the great nest a classic pose has been stolen from the ali center back in louisville. the signed print of a painting by leroi newman was the security at the ali center has been increased to prevent thefts. the investigators say they're trying to locate a person of strong interest in the case. the world meet logical organization says the con senn trigs of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere has reached a record high. the experts blame el nino which led to droughts in tropical regions and reduced the capacity of forests and oceans
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last month's average level at a key hawaii monitoring station was 401 parts per million, up from 313 in 1958. methane and other heat trapping gases are also spiking. well, so i saw we weren't going to get out of the 90 this is week, are we still on pace for that? >> no, it looks like we may see a dip in the seven-day forecast. >> good. this is a live picture over camel barack another day with those nice, cool mornings and ending up a little bit on the warm side during the afternoon. but this week it is going to be all about high pressure. and so as you know with high pressure, you typically get the higher temperatures. in fact, we could see some near record highs in some spots across arizona as we head towards the end of the week, but it is going to stay dry and sunny. sheer a look at tonight's forecast. 63 to 70. clear skies. the winds coming out of the northeast will be very light. and then tomorrow we're going
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so it is above normal. we should see a pretty nice day out there with plenty of clear sky conditions. here is a look at the satellite and radar. you can see absolutely nothing going on across arizona right now. as you widen it out, you can see it is quiet pretty much through portions of utah and nevada. you can see the storm track is pushing some rainfall there just north of san francisco, into portions of northern california. so that is where the storm track is. you can see the big truffe of making its way here bus of a ridge of high pressure that is basically going to block it and bump that storm track up to the north. take a look here. the high pressure expanding. so that will lead to the warm- up that we're going to see here this week. by the end of the week, that high does shift to the east and you'll notice more cloud cover beginning to move into the state. ultimately that will lead to cooler temperatures as we head into next week. tonight, we're going to dip
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tomorrow flag, you're getting up to 70-a pretty gorgeous day there. still seeing the 90s, though, along the colorado river. hello bend, your forecast high is 95. so here is a look at that seven- day forecast, and you can see just how warm it gets on thursday. 98 degrees. so very close to triple digits, but not expected to get there. and then we start to see that dip again on saturday and sunday. those clouds moving in. the temperatures cooling. halloween still looks good with a high of 90, but the 80s sneaking in there as we head into tuesday. all right. the nba season officially tips off tonight but the suns don't get going until tomorrow night. they will open season number 48 as a franchise at home against the sacramento kings. the sun also be one of the youngest teams in the league. in fact, they have four players on their roster 19 years of age or younger where that said, it is prediction time.
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that's right. let's begin with one of those 19-year-olds. the first-round draft pick, he'll be one of the top rookies from this year's draft class. she athletic, plays above the rim and seems to be one of the more exciting players in the league. i'm predidn'ting he will be selected to pick in the rookie sophomore gym and will finish the season as the suns' starting power forward. as a matter of fact, he'll take over that role by mid season. let's talk about year-old. devin booker, who is coming off a stellar rookie season. booker has evolved into the face of the suns' franchise. he is an absolute fan favorite. he plays with the poise and composure well beyond his years. booker has the hunger and the desire to be one of the game's best and he will prove to be one of the game's best shooters. klay thompson is one of the best, and booker will finish one of the top five in the season in three-point field
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as game. vegas has laid out the odds and places their win total at 26 games. i'm telling you right hering right now that vegas is way off on this one. in fact, look for the subs to win 46 games this season. you heard me right. they will fight right down to the final week of the season for a playoff spot a drastic change from the last two embarrassing seasons. i want to lay it all on the line for you. your phoenix suns will make the that's right. i said it. remember where you heard it first. all right. and we go inside the huddle and talk some asu football, in particular, the punt return. coming up tomorrow morning on 12 today. >> we take to the court as the suns look to make it a season to remember. >> and we're live at the farm force the pumpkin and chili party. >> and also an easy and
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the dollar. plus, the arizona bridge that is rumored to be haunted. >> and simple hacks you can do around the house the save money. >> we hope you can join us wednesday morning starting at
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i'm tom o'halleran, and i approve this messsage. paul babeu oversaw a place of horrors as headmaster of a school for at-risk youth. students were denied basic human rights and were subject to sexual abuse. arizona deserves better. arizona's largest newspapers endorse tom o'halleran for congress. "the republic" says, "elect tom o'halleran. aid, "o'halleran puts the common good above party politics.
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while special teams doomed the cardinals, it was one of the bright spots for asu in their 37-32 loss to washington
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maker returned this fourth quarter punt return 70-yards to the house to bring the devils to within one score of tying the game against the cougars. it was white's second kick return for a touchdown and in his asu career and with the first coming last year on a 100- yard kick-off return. as the devils get ready to take on oregon saturday, he was asked about his punt return and when he knew he was going all the way. >> you see a lot of guys in front of you and you're just like i can't get tackled right here, so just and it is for your own health, you don't want the take on a wall of guys. so just cut it become and try to be the play maker. you're back there for a reason and just go and make a play. >> we just executed it and that's what we have been trying to do this whole season and hopefully we can just keep on doing it down the stretch. >> and all right. asu travels to oregon to face the 2-5 ducks who have lost five in a row. the game is set at 2:00 in the afternoon.
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they absolutely, positively have to win saturday. i mean, they have -- a couple of weeks ago they were five wins, one loss and now they're 5-'3. they have so many issues. they'd -- they need other players to step up and make plays because they're now stuck at playing a true freshman at quarterback. >> it feels like they're at a fork in the road. so now it will turn bad or maybe they can save it and preserve it with a few wins. a to readjust fair goals because i don't see them winning the pac-12 south given all of the injuries they have had. >> we're going to keep the faith for that freshman, too. what is inside for -- what is inside for that krispy kreme doughnut bag in our omg video of the day? that is next on 12 news at
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6:00, religious leader heres in the valley are talking about marijuana. find out why some of them say it is their morale obligation the vote for its legallation. tonight at 10:00, the department of child safety is under fire after a mom faces child abuse charges for the second time. now to our omg video of the day. a tulsa, oklahoma krispy kreme was the first and only store in the nation to roll out pumpkin glazed doughnuts today.
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will serve them for one day only on national pumpkin day, which is on wednesday. coop, are you a big krispy kreme guy? >> i like doughnuts in particular. i'm not going to tell you which one is my favorite because it doesn't happen to be krispy kreme. >> it is the bollsa doughnut. >> and they turned me on to a raspberry fold and i'm kind of stuck on that now. >> raspberry. >> a good little midnigh >> yeah, hot glazed krispy kreme. i don't need to worry about the couple kin or the other. >> thank you for watching, everyone.
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paul babeu is abusive. physical and sexual abuse at a boarding school. woman: a school that used to be run by pinal county sheriff paul babeu. man: babeu's school was unlicensed, abusive, and dangerous. woman: paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. man: congressional candidate not only ran a boarding school rife with abuse, he supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. paul babeu is unfit to represent us. house majority pac is responsible
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tonight, two weeks to go. trump and clinton in florida. the frenzied final sprint. trump trying to take aim over obamacare. clinton trying to put the map out of reach. growing outrage over american service members promised bonuses to re-enlist and serve at war, now being told to give the the white house and the pentagon now weighing in. caught on camera, the dramatic moment as three cousins are ambushed in a hail of gunfire. tonight a manhunt for a shooter on the run. mid-air emergency on a transatlantic flight. crew members struck with a mystery illness. the pilot forced to divert. what happened? and swipes online. as holiday shopping fast approaches, a new alert about where credit card fraud is soaring and how to


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